Vanessa Hudgens nude scandal

Ok, I am not sure what to say about this. Actually I do, are you kidding me? Fucking hooray! I just love it when a (female!!) celeb turns out to be a little perv. Some pics are rather unflattering, but others make up for that. For more scandal pics and videos of Vanessa Hudgens and others (including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan and more!), click here now and join BannedSextapes. For only $1 you can get access to their whole collection of celebrity porn. So don’t be a cheapass and do what I did; go for the real deal.

No, you’re not dreaming. You’re actually looking at a full frontal nude pic of Vanessa Hudgens. Enjoy it now, thank me later.

Vanessa and her cute friend showing off their booty. This is a view I could look at all day. Wanna see more? Don’t hesitate and click here now to visit BannedSextapes. That’s where I got all this shit from in the first place! I’ve been a member at their site for years!

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101 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens nude scandal

  1. Patrick

    I think her exboyfriend shafted her real good when he posted her private pictures. I do know I wish I was her new guy because I would not turn down any pics from she is fine.

  2. Caleb Belfort

    please man that not right it using your body which u cant do dat using your body is not right your parent wouldnt like it even god and jesus so just stopped this caleb belfort from lakeworth

  3. Caitlyn and Peighton

    Hey, this is Peigton, and Caitlyn. Yeah, well, we think Vennassa should be kicked off Disney channel. Yeah, she’s not a fan of mine!! I don’t like the fact that she is trying to show her (pussy, boobs, and butt) off it’s wrong. She should know better. I used to be a fan of her’s but after she kissed Troy. (Zack Effron.) He should have dumped your sorry, naked, ugly, skanky, butt alonggg!!! time ago! I’m sorry but your not a very good person if you wanna sit over here, and act like a slut!! The people who want to see this can go on some porn wrebsite!! This is disturbing!! Kids shouldn’t see this. We’re teenagers, and yes I totaly agree with we shouldn’t be on here. But are friends at school got a forword and they told us to visit this website!!! This is GROSEE!!! Get it off! And a Life!! Sorry for any disunderstang and harsh feellings!! Feel free to reply(:

  4. mesohorny

    VANESSA HUDGENS BOOBIES!!!! VANESSA HAS A NICE ASS AND SO DOES HER FRIEND!!!!! When I got here, I got an erection. I still have it I’ve been here for an hour. Just Kidding! I’ve only been here for a few minutes.

  5. TayTay

    Well i think that Vannessa Hugens Is a bit of a slut and shes a dumbass for sending these pics on the Internet or Phone. And yhea she is a slut and probably used to run the corners at the age of 15. xD

  6. Really

    So THIS is what the scandal is over? She’s being CUTE in these pictures. There’s nothing even sexually provocative. It’s not like she was having sex with a horse people! C’mon! Disney & America need to get over their extreme sexual hang ups. From my recollection, a couple nude pics and kissy faces are about as “High School” as you can get.

  7. juliomontez

    haha these are really really hot pictures. who gives a shit if shes from disney channel do what you want and shell do what she wants i would love this if she was my girlfriend seriously

  8. Lawl Chicken Lawl

    It is sad when people freak out cause there omg bestest tv/moive actress gets to the age of a flirty young adult and all hell breaks loose….. its part of the fucking being famous. Just cause there are photos doesn’t mean she is the one who put them up so little girls if all tv actors are your idol grow up get a life and STFU!!!!!!!!

  9. Shes Gorgeous.

    Caitlyn and Peighton— all i can sense here is jealousy TBH…she is one of the most gorgeous girls ive ever seen and these pic just prove it..end of

  10. asdadad

    High school Girls in america are taking nude pictures of themeselves? Sign me up! Time to get outta this shithole country of mine.

  11. Banged

    She hot but she doesnt need to show all of her she is fine with clothes on yup she dont deserve zac effron if i was him i banged her the whole day 🙂

  12. Bug?

    Caitlyn and Peighton(<— btw what kind of name is that ?!)

    Both of you are jealous pricks .
    I bet you can't even get a date with the ugliest guy on earth . OR girl .

  13. vanessa fan

    the last picture isn’t vanessa hudgens…
    and what is the problem about this photo
    is her life..she can do whatever sha want with her life!!..
    and if vanessa do things like that or what ever I allways
    will be her fan

  14. Anyways

    To all the peeps commenting here: get a life, stop looking at her boobs and whine about it later.
    Also, did anyone stop and try to get her point of view ?

    > To Caitlyn and Peighton, I really don’t know how you turned this to be something about you but stop judging people from rumors… Its her life not yours to live it.

  15. Fuck u

    To anyways what the fuck r u doin on here if ur callin the other people peeps just save ur selve some trouble and stfu and she would be so much brrr if she shaved her puss

  16. nice

    shit man who cares if shes takin nude pictures. shes an adult and can make adult decisions. in case you guys didnt notice everyone has sex, everyone gets dressed and un dressed. doesnt make her a whore for taking pictures, id love to have her in my room for 5 to 10 hours. lol.

  17. John

    You guys are all wrong. None of this was supposed to be seen by anyone except her ex who mustve been a super dooche to put this up anywhere without her permission and this is horrible, she probably cried when she heard of this, do any of you think about it this way? And its not her fault cause she probably only wanted to show these pictures to him and theres nothing wrong with that so if you have a problem with this forget about it because you probably just are being a dooche

  18. Nature guy

    She is proud of her body and wants to show it off just like everybody else everyone should be like her she is setting a good example for people. We were made naked and someday we will be naked again are bodies are not made to be covered. They are made to be open to the world

  19. who ^&%&^ cares

    if anyone here is going on about, go join the media. seriously! let her do what ever she wants. who are we to question it? and if her bf put them up, then thats just bad luck. but if she did put them up, there’s a fantasy starter for all those horny guys out there. u really think that a porn star has permission from their parents to do what they do? i dont think so. she did it for her bf/for fun. get over it

  20. im in prison

    these pics are so hot i freaked out an murdered my roommate with my boner! i didnt fuck him i just beat him to death, i not a fag. then i fucked his girlfreind. she died too.

  21. babsie

    evrybody shuld leav V alone,those pics were for her ex bf not u,she was just making the guy jealous,cant u just leave V alone and get a life people.

  22. Caitlyn and Peighton are bitches

    caitlyn and peighton are assholes ur just mad because u aint sexy and first of all her photos were leaked dumb ass! if she enojoys taking nude pics so fucking what! u shouldnt be so jealous ! BITCH ! grow the fuck up! u know damn well she isnt ugly.leave her alone.and if she wants to be naked o the fuck well . so its okay for porn stars but not her !!? ur so stupid !!! Bitch!

  23. so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hot i love her fucking ass.boobs,and vagina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whho cares i its wrong i certnly dont! i love me some porn

  24. NebsTheBeastly

    ewww keep your vag hair to yourself… XP all u ppl saying “shes hot!” then y does she have manboobs and a hairy vag?

  25. Duane

    As someone a little older than most who commented, I think it’s awesome to see someone her age not afraid to express her freedom (by not being ashamed of the photos) and her individuality (by not shaving her pussy). It is very refreshing to see someone bucking the trend and being different. I remember the day when only “the sluts and Alanna” shaved! Pubes were in! Vanessa, keep it up! You’re keeping mine up! The thought of a beautiful young brunette with a hairy snatch got me hard, and thinking about it makes me want to go toss a load! Btw, I’m 45, and no, I’m not a pedophile. I just love a beautiful body when I see one, and Vanessa’s is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen!

  26. Duane

    Stroke complete! Load shot! If I could just have an hour, her hairy snatch would be pleasured like she could never dream possible! I’d even let my wife watch or join in!

  27. fuck caitlyn and peighton

    why the fuck would ANYBODY get in the hottie vanessas way ? whoever caitlyn and peighton are there BITHCES!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea thats right you heard me LOVE how vanessa shows off her boobs ass and vagina.expect to see me prn soon!!!!!!!! god i love boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Duane

    The pussy is naturally hairy. It’s a sign of maturity. I don’t like licking, fingering, or entering a snatch that looks like it’s on a pre-pubescent teen. In my honest opinion, there is nothing hotter and sexier than a dark-haired brunette with a hairy pussy! Not saying it shouldn’t be trimmed a bit. It should! It shouldn’t spill out a bikini or climb down the legs, but hair should be there! It’s sad that in modern society, the hairy snatch us the exception rather than the rule. It used to be fun trying to find one that was shaved, because it was a novelty and meant the woman was usually s bit wild. Now, it fun to seek out the hairy twats, because it means the woman is a bit rusque’ and willing to live outside the rules! Hairy pussy rules!


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