Vanessa Hudgens nude scandal

Ok, I am not sure what to say about this. Actually I do, are you kidding me? Fucking hooray! I just love it when a (female!!) celeb turns out to be a little perv. Some pics are rather unflattering, but others make up for that. For more scandal pics and videos of Vanessa Hudgens and others (including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan and more!), click here now and join BannedSextapes. For only $1 you can get access to their whole collection of celebrity porn. So don’t be a cheapass and do what I did; go for the real deal.

No, you’re not dreaming. You’re actually looking at a full frontal nude pic of Vanessa Hudgens. Enjoy it now, thank me later.

Vanessa and her cute friend showing off their booty. This is a view I could look at all day. Wanna see more? Don’t hesitate and click here now to visit BannedSextapes. That’s where I got all this shit from in the first place! I’ve been a member at their site for years!

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101 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens nude scandal

  1. RandomVanessaHater

    Yeaaaaaaaa, how about you get the fuck off disney channel and go make me some porn videos?
    Shave you’re pussy then come back aight?
    Nice ass you’ve got there.

  2. haterofness

    i cant say i like vanessa but all these people saying why do that, your telling me you’ve never sent your boyfriend a naked pic, or even thought about it. Her ex is a twat for posting it them online he obviously knew it was going to damage her career. I don’t even like her but she doesn’t deserve all you lot judging her for something she did in PRIVATE.


    I’d say I can’t believe it but then I’d be lieing. All the little disney bitchs, pardan my french, are going down hill. I mean seriously if you are going to post nude photos of yourself all over at least have the common desency to shave your fucking bush and make your self look hot not like a stupid ugly slut. I’m sorry for being so rude but its true. She is nothing but another one of thouse people that are the next generation Paris Hilton

  4. John

    Well cant complain she’s fucking hot,nice pussy,nice ass and shit but innapropriate a little she’s a disney star theres 3 things i think if you didnt want them to be seen why take em,2they were for her boyfriend and the dueshbag fucking posted them,3DAMN!what the fuck is wrong with disney stars!!!

  5. TheFuzz

    All I can say is she seems to have almost done this to herself on purpose. No one that smart would be so dumb so you gotta think she was just using her exhibitionist side to up her career. But if by some impossibility she really is upset about all this, so what? What does a young fit and trim brunette look like naked? Like, maybe, her? Everytime? I mean, duh, the carpeting matches the drapes ya know. I could have painted a picture of her naked without never seeing these photos and it would have looked just like her.

  6. DaHentaiGuy

    I gotta ask, is she of legal age in the pics (18+ years old)? She definitely looks 18 (not old enough to be in 20s maybe but not younger than 18 either). And these pics supposedly were released in 2007, so she’d have been 19 at the time, thus legal. However other places I’ve read suggest should could have been several years younger when the pics were taken (maybe 15 or 16). But I’d question that assumption, because there’s no way to know how soon after the photos were taken they were released. I’d also question the assumption that she was under 18 because I read this was a publicity stunt to make her famous, therefore likely suggested by her agent, and therefore would have to be a suggestion within the bounds of legality (or her agent would risk getting fired, or worse), so she must have been 18+ by that time of the picture being taken.

    However, I don’t want to take any chances with the law. The law says it is ILLEGAL to posess porn of anyone under 18, and I believe it is reasonable to conclude these nude pics would in a court be deemed pornographic. Therefore the question is her age. It is something I must be CERTAIN of (not make guesses). If she is 18+ then I’ll gladly download these pics. If she’s under 18 then I’ll immediately leave this page, clear my internet cache, and run Eraser to wipe the “free space” on my drive. So in order to determine the actions needed to comply with the law, I MUST know her age at the time these photos were taken.

    Does anybody here know here age when these photos were taken?

  7. Ashleymassaroisawhore

    LMAO… people… disney is a fucking devil channel… most of their women go down like this…. and what the fuck is she still doing on TV? i KNOW NOT!! she should be out there doing porn seeing that it comes naturally for her… but I rather her over ashley massaro… have you seen ashley in person??? she’s uglier thn a sack of ass holes!!! she needs to get a face lift or something… and by thw way, vamessa’s 21 now…

  8. Julia

    OMG, Why do Vanessa like this is twice she do this She’s just a whore. What’s happening with the Disney girls if u look at Demi lovato she Have also sexy pictures with her friends, miley too and now vanessa again !? Oh c’mon this is so patethic -.-

  9. Toba

    What’s the point of posting so called nude photos and then censoring them? Big deal,she just like the average american mulatto or octaroon or whatever the hell they call themselves or are known as nowadays, questionable hair,painted face,average tits,nothing special. Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen all.
    Go do like Halle and get yourself a baby by a white guy. That’s the only way to raise your stock in these times Vanessa.
    She’s boring and plain looking.

  10. jank brock

    She isn’t as hot as she thinks but she’s not bad. Her hips aren’t very sexy but I like her bush. I bet she has never had a tongue buried deep in her ass. She has not even read the owner’s manual for that pussy yet. Just an inexperienced tease. What she needs is about 10″ of rod up that ass to show her who’s the boss.

  11. Barack Obama

    If I were with her, I could safely guarantee to her that I would offer my services so she would never, ever, ever have to wipe again. She could save on toilet paper and use my toungue for her ass and puss to stay clean. She is definitely a NNW (North by NorthWest….or NeverNeverWipe again….just use my toungue SLUT.)

  12. xyaleeshaxx

    why the hell she has published those in the net..
    and she is a lesbian…
    dam can’t she find a boy to fuck her…..

  13. YO mamma

    Man, I’d rub that pussy with a block of ice til it got good and most, then Id go deep while tasting her sweet titty milk Mmmmm 😀

  14. blade

    dam bitch it is nice why don’t you go and make some porn pics on disney channel the disney porn starts fron today 9 pm ya

  15. hardone

    shocked that she does not shave I have not seen hair on a pussy since i was a freshmen in high school

  16. Matty5000

    Who knew?!! Id thought she was sweet and innocent! haha! She is still sweet… but like candy that is! 😉 No matter what she does… she will always be the same person she started out to be! She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Love you Vanessa!

  17. gorilla


  18. Jt

    I’d tap that in a heart beat. But let’s just get right to the point, start doin playboy so we can see all of that sexiness more often

  19. Bitchtak3RRR

    OMFG I would fuck da $hit outta that cute Trimmed pussy! 🙂 I love u Vanessa dont be shy 2 post more pics! That Alexa Nikolas bitch is pretty hot 2

  20. Bitchtak3RRR

    4got to mention…. there’s nothing wrong wit a Trimmed puss, pussy is pussy! Its the really hairy ones u gotta watch out 4 🙁 I really dont give a damn if shes from disney channel or not she’s fuckin sexy she could do what she wants! Stop H8ing on Vanessa when Miley Cyrus did the same $hit! I would fuck Alexa and Vanessa anyday 🙂

  21. ShinigamiBB

    @ Catlyn & Peiton(however the fuck u spell ur stupid names)

    Idk how did i end up here but fuck man, ur commenting shitty fucking stuf like u ever know or meet her, the hell ur just a fat slob with hairy bolony tits fuck, if she wants to do this with her life u can fuck ur fat ass and go to hell, dont judge her and its not ur life yeh just saying coz u acting like a kiss ass dick sucking son of a bitch, thank u come again c:

  22. bald eagle

    i’m a girl and i want to know if u guys prefer hair on your peach cobbler also?
    I don’t like hair in my teeth , it grosses me out!!!

  23. Patrick

    Someone should make 8×10 photos of her nude so the fans can have it signed whenever they meet her on conventions and even t-shirts would be cool.

  24. vanessas lover

    I would fck that hot piece of ass all night long i also would lick her pssy and finger her so hard that she would scream but shes gonna enjoy it..she has some nice titties i would do millions of things to her ….your a hot mamacita vanessa!!! N I WANNA MAKE LOVE 2 YOU IN OTHER WORDS I WANNA FCK YOU!!!

  25. Suck-ma-leftnut

    Hilarious when the odd girl or obssesed fan finds this when most of the guys are casually wanking….classic


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