Vanessa Hudgens new scandal (2011)!

You won’t believe it but it just happened again! Just when you thought Vanessa learned her lesson with all the previous scandals she just came out with another scandal. She’s still going strong with nude scandals coming out consistently and with her movies coming out this is guaranteed to give her a great deal of publicity! Anyway, enough talking… check out the NEW nude pictures below!

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Here are a few bonus pictures where you can see Vanessa making out with Alexa Nikolas… including a solo shot of Alexa. She’s a hottie aswell and you can’t deny that! Check out more at BannedSextapes, the biggest nude celebrity scandal archive in the world!

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12 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens new scandal (2011)!

  1. Steve

    Nice pussy spread!
    She probably was doing some hot masturbation action for her boyfriend at the time (forgotten his name)

    Nice hair on the sides, can’t wait for the uncensored version & more pics!
    I wonder what else she had in her account .. It will all come out!

  2. Ijzer69

    Someone, please help me : Where can I find the picture of her spread pussy uncensored ??… I really need it 😛

  3. Bitchtak3RRR

    Yeah dis $hit needs to get un-censored she’s hot as H3LL and that Alexa bitch is pretty hot 2, I’d fuck both of them anyday 🙂

  4. stephen lorente

    i’m in total love with vanessa hudgen and i praise her like a goddess i’d love to get with her and i’d love every minute if i’d get with her even if i got to act with her i’d love it xx keep them coming Vanessa but uncencered will be nice i’ve been a fan of her through thunderbirds, high school musical 1, 2, 3, beastly, sucker punch and im looking forward to watching journy 2 the secret island it’ll look great with her in it xxx love you loads vanessa hudgens xxxx


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