Vanessa Hudgens scandal pics 2009!

Who would’ve thought she would do it again? I know I didn’t, but Vanessa came out with a fresh batch of self shot cell phone pics for the second time now! I am having a hard time believing it, but it’s 100% true as you can see below. You might know Vanessa from Disney or High School Musical, where she acts as “Gabriella Montez”, she’s also a winner of the “Choice Hottie” (lol) at the Teen Choice Awards. She came out with her own album called “Identified” back in July, 2008.

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These pictures are a mix of nudes and just cute/sexy pics and I’m lovin it. If only more celebs would do this, the world would be a better place. Please do keep scrolling down as there’s way more to see! If you want to see more of Vanessa, click here to visit BannedSextapes, where you can see ALL the explicit pics of her and many other celebs. They have the biggest collection of scandals and sex tapes you will ever find!

Here are some pics where she’s being sexy with her friend, which I was not able to identify. If anyone knows who she is, please leave a comment! Incredible pics overall, I’m loving this. Click here for more pics/videos of Vanessa Hudgens nude!

Mmm, what can I say? This is just straight up eyecandy. Props to Vanessa for sharing this with the whole world, haha!

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27 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens scandal pics 2009!

  1. TayTay

    Vannesa Hugens IS A GOD DAMMNN WHORE!!!! And shoudnt of been on Disney Channel to start with!!!! Shes a slut and that all she will ever be! 🙂

    1. Abdul Kareema Wheat

      Damn…you got that right. If the little whore, wasn’t a little wishful whore…she wouldn’t be posing for cock suck pics or lesbo flicks and ass pics…and tit pics looking like she’s ready to suck a foot long cock.

      She’s so full of shit that she’s innocent…right. Give it up ya little skank….you know damn well why you posed and why you took the pics….cause you all want to be nasty whores.

    2. Juliette Reese

      Amen, sister. Honestly, people think she’s such a GREAT role model, and then she goes pulling shit like this. She does know that people like my 7-year-old fucking niece look up to her right? God, shes SUCH a whore, its unreal.

  2. josh

    wow she is only doing it again cuz she saw how much publicity it got her last time…. but if she wasnt to post pics like this I DONT MIND

  3. pro kid

    im really ashamed to call myself vanessa’s fan wat she did goes against professionalism and being a rolemodel arrgh no wonder zac dumped her

  4. good boy

    Im Persian here many people love her but I think if they know she is sexy girl they don’t like her ether she isn’t a good women.

  5. Jayzee007

    Wow……..i could’nt b’lieve it…. she’s really a motherfuckin whore, i wanna nail her 4 100yrs…

  6. Bitchtak3RRR

    Vanessa “Ooops I did it again” H3LL Yeah nothing wrong wit a few more nude pics Vanessa 🙂

  7. anonomys

    i would very much like to ram her til the day i die, i get so hard looking at these photos and i want to be so far inside her she feels it till next january.

    PS where can i see the video?

  8. Juliette Reese

    Nasty. if Vanessa or her friends see this (which they probably won’t) You are a fucking disappointing, unbelievable, tacky bitch. I cant believe you would pull this shit. My niece and younger cousins look up to you and if they do this, i swear ill try to sue.

    No hard feelings.


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